Flower Lunchbot Bento for Faith

Just a fun little bento for Faith today, while I figure out what to buy at the grocery store and bake this week. I bought a really big honeydew last week, so we seem to be eating that in most bentos this week.

Faith has a ham and cheese sandwich on Nature's Own multigrain rounds, topped with a couple of cute cheese flowers, and veggie chips on the side. The right side holds honeydew, a homemade granola bar, carrots, and some cucumber flowers. It's packed in a Lunchbot Duo today, and the picks were made by me, using Perler beads (the tops pop off so I can switch toothpicks).


  1. Hi Shannon! Lovely cheese flowers & those picks that you made! Awesome! :D

  2. The picks are great! Nice alternative to the ones you get online. (Or worse the ones they have at the super market)

  3. Aw, cute flower picks! And I love the homemade granola bar idea too. So sweet.


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