Hot Dog Bento for Faith

For today, we're keeping it pretty simple. I had hot dogs and buns leftover from barbecuing, but not enough for a meal, so we're using them in the bento today. Combining that with a few other leftovers and Faith has a full lunch and I've got more fridge and pantry room!

Faith is having the aforementioned hot dog and bun (which she is oddly enough not complaining about, even though she keeps changing her mind on whether or not she likes hot dogs), a few veggie chips, a few blueberry pomegranate crisps, cantaloupe and pineapple.

With this, I am done that bag of crisps, that bag of chips and the container of sliced fruit, so it was a good combo for using out the leftovers!


  1. How did you keep her hot dog warm?

  2. How do you keep the hot dog warm?

  3. I wrapped it in foil after the picture, LOL! There are a few times I just need to use disposable items, this was one of them.


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