Monday, Monday Bento

I've got nothing catchy for the title. It's a bento, it's Monday, there's nothing outstanding that leads to a different title for this post.

Faith has pinwheel sandwiches--ham, chive cream cheese and butter tortillas, rolled up and sliced. To go with that, there are carrots with ranch dip, honeydew, and vanilla yogurt with dried cherries, all packed in a 4-square Lock and Lock box.

In other non-bento news, there are Nutella cookies on my counter and they are quite yummy. They may make a bento appearance this week, assuming they last that long.


  1. Monday bentos are good. I like Tuesday bentos :) I really need to look into those lock and lock boxes as they look to be more Aud and Mo's size.

  2. Nutella cookie recipe please!


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