Monday, May 16, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Breakfast Time!

Faith has an early doctor's appointment this morning. Nothing like getting to drive to downtown Dallas for a 9am appointment, considering we live in the North Dallas suburbs. However, this clinic does not hold office hours at the closer hospital, so Children's downtown it is.

Because we're leaving early and I know I've got to get ready too, I prepped muffin tin breakfasts tonight. They are in the fridge and color coded, so the kids can just grab their own and eat, while I stumble out of bed and attempt to focus on showering at some unearthly hour.

The kids have homemade apricot-chocolate chip granola squares (I know, but it's just a wee bit of chocolate and there is no additional sugar in those), a boiled egg, blueberry Greek yogurt, cantaloupe, strawberries, and homemade pear sauce that I made Sunday afternoon (also no added sugar, just cinnamon).

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  1. You were so smart to prepare these in advance and color code them. The pear sauce looks wonderful.

  2. This looks so yummy and healthy! You must post the granola squares recipe!! :))

  3. What a great idea to think ahead and have it all ready so you can make your morning easy. It all is so healthy too. Happy Monday!

  4. I wish I could be so organized as to plan a breakfast the night before on days we have to be out of the house early. The breakfast looks yummy. I also would love the recipe for the granola squares.

  5. Those granola squares look yummy! I hope you had this tin yourself...with lots of coffee!

  6. You know, I think it's funny that you are talking about the little amount of chocolate in homemade granola bars...when lots of other kids are having pop tarts or Lucky charms for breakfast! lol

  7. I love this blog! Thanks for all the great ideas!

    E.June Ford



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