Quick Bento for Faith

Are we back? Is Blogger really working?

Hoping so, I have posts to share and things to do! And I really don't want to migrate the entire blog over to another service, that just sounds difficult.

As for lunches, I've got a few to share, a fun book review, and hopefully a good cooking experiment (after we make it, of course). But until all that happens, I'm sharing one of Faith's lunches.

We had leftover mini buns, so we used those for sandwiches. She has turkey and cheese on one of them, along with veggies straws, freshly sliced strawberries, carrots & cucumber. It's packed in a 4 square Lock & Lock container with only 3 of the insets. The sandwich was slightly too large to fit in the 4th box but fit perfectly without it.

The picks are the ones she and I made for her birthday using Perler beads. The flower itself pops off, so we can reuse it on a different toothpick if we need to! The tutorial for these is here and they are quite easy to make. I think we're going to branch out into other designs!


  1. I love this! I actually bought mini hamburgers tonight- so this idea would be perfect for my kiddos lunches!
    I also love the box!

  2. where do you find the veggie straws? I've been wanting to pick them up to try in my boys lunches and have had no luck! Are they are regional thing?

  3. Sprouts carries them, as does Aldi. Believe it or not, I found these ones at the Dollar Tree when I was going to go get pretzels!


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