Monday, May 30, 2011

Sandwich Kebab Bento

F&B have always been quite insistent that food just tastes better on a stick. So today, we put that theory to the test and ended up with sandwich kebabs. I have a fair amount of kebab sticks in colors and shapes, so the longer ones worked much better for this project.

Faith has a couple of sandwich kebabs (leftover fluffy roll, ham, and monterey jack cheese). I think they look pretty cute! To go with that, she has cucumber and carrots, fresh cantaloupe, and a homemade granola bar. And apparently, yes, these do taste better than regular sandwiches!


  1. ohhh! maybe i'll do that for my kids tomorrow!

  2. Hmm i totally agree on the sticks thing ^^ i love handy snacks (one of the reasons i like bentos)

    BTW and off topic: Is there no problem with the cucumber at your place? In Germany with got a rather horrible sickness going on coming mainly from spain cucumber...

  3. Very cute! Of course it tastes better on a stick :D

  4. my daughter is the same way - everything tastes better with a stick or pick to eat it with. lol

  5. I am pretty sure everything tastes better if you can eat it with your hands! SO I can totally see the stick thing.

  6. Hi, new to all these bento lunches, where do you find those picks for the "sandwich kebob"?



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