Snack Box Bento for the Park

We're finally back to the bentos. My parents were here for Easter, then the last week has just been crazy, so it was time for a self-imposed bento break. Sometimes, it's nice just to take a break. I even stayed mostly off Twitter, FB, etc, so it's been kind of nice.

Anyhow, we're back. F&B have been loving the gorgeous weather and we have a darling park across the street from our house. Today, they needed snacks and water bottles because all that playing is hard work.

Both were the same, but the photo happens to be Ben's. He has "Canadian" cheese, crackers, pineapple & cantaloupe. After taking the picture, I decided sending a cute koala pick to the park was not in my best interest, so he had a little plastic fork pick that comes 100 for $1 at the dollar store instead.

We already had a Peanut mishap last week as one of our tiny Peanut picks ended up down the garbage disposal. :o( I need to order more, the boy needs his elephants.