After Swim Bento

F&B are signed up for swim team this summer, so not only are they normally starving children, now they are extra starving children after using up all that energy in the pool. They also still have taekwondo in the afternoons, so you may notice that my general plan is to keep them exhausted all summer long.

But since swimming takes a lot out of you, we are looking for higher protein ideas (no PB please). Ben has a boiled egg with whole grain crackers, Greek yogurt (blueberry, of course), strawberries and cantaloupe, and homemade chocolate-zucchini muffins. We're out of cheese or I would have added a bit of that too.


  1. Ya'll are busy!

    Protein ideas:
    Tofu cubes marinated in teriyaki and baked
    hummus, or black bean dip
    salami and cheese roll ups
    Egg muffins (like little mini quiche but I do crustless ones and fill them with ham and cheese and then pop in the oven to bake in muffin tins)

  2. Hey Shannon!! Can you let me know a good source for bento boxes, or partitioned boxes in general?? Thanks so much! ~Melissa

  3. I'm sure the yummy bentos will be wipe clean by the hungry kids! :)

  4. What a great lunch! I am looking for all the ideas I can get (other than pb&j) and this just looks wonderful for growing, busy children. How is the exhaustion program working out? :)


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