Inside Out Sandwich Kebab Bento

OK, that was a bit of a long title!

Trying something today, to see if I could make it work--inside out sandwiches! Bread on the inside, meat and cheese on the outside, sounds delightfully quirky in a way that F&B would enjoy. The kebabs came into play when I realized that there needed to be some way to hold it all together!

Faith has inside-out kebabs with honey grain bread on the inside, then cheese, then turkey wrapped around it, secured on monkey picks. To the right, she has cantaloupe, carrots & cucumbers, and a pink lemonade cupcake that we made the other night for her church party. They are so good and quite cute, if I do say so myself.


  1. i'm pretty sure i'll stick with the old fashioned way but the idea is very nice ^.^ And the Kebabs look very tasty anyway

  2. The kabobs look great! Anything on a stick is "better" at our house.


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