The Kids Cook Monday - Baking with Fruits & Veggies

This week, for The Kids Cook Monday, we're actually bringing back two of our favorite recipes, from the posts I did last year on healthiER desserts (they are still dessert, don't get me wrong, they just have more redeeming qualities than a typical dessert), along with a favorite side dish recipe.

I had some things in my fridge and pantry that had to be used out, so we cooked quite a bit today, along with making Faith's favorite dinner of all time.

For dinner, we enjoyed Cheesy Zucchini Squares (I had 2 zucchinis that absolutely had to be used):

For tomorrow's breakfast, I made a loaf of Blueberry-Banana Bread:

And for treats this week, we now have a dozen Sweet Potato Cupcakes with cream cheese icing (I also had sweet potatoes that needed to be cooked):

As usual, all recipes have been made by me and F&B approved. We have an interesting idea for strawberries, so I will share soon that if it works in practice as it does in my head!


  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I'm definitely a follower now! I can't wait to go through all these yummy ideas. Thanks so much. I stopped by from the HHH and I'm so glad I did!

  2. Hi!
    Your bentoLunches are so fabulous!
    I'm waiting for my bento box, and then I'll take ispiration from them :)


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