The Most Random Bento Ever

Have you ever had one of those meals that is completely random, nothing goes together, it's just kind of a melange of everything in the fridge?

Well, this is the bento version of that meal.

Faith picked it, so I complied. She has two cheesy zucchini squares (they are also good cold), sliced boiled egg, blackberries, a piece of blueberry banana bread, strawberries, and maple glazed carrots (these are also good cold).

I don't know, I'm not asking, I just make the lunches around here!


  1. Yummy lunches at that. Whenever I try to do the whole 'random' lunch, it's a tragedy.

  2. Can you mail me lunch... please??? My kids and hubs get the saddest looking sandwiches, you make it look so easy... love it !!!


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