Muffin Tin Monday - Breakfast Style

We have swim team this morning. We actually have swim team every weekday morning and I need to shower. And wash my hair. And generally get up and presentable for the day. And making breakfast is low on my agenda. So it's time for more muffin tin breakfasts! Take your tray out of the fridge, eat your food, put your tray in the sink, and don't interrupt Mommy while she's in the shower. Seems like a game plan to me!

Very early morning picture, too dark, oops!

Today, F&B have blackberries, strawberries, peach yogurt, boiled eggs, and blueberry banana bread, along with orange juice. That should hold them for an hour or so! Swim team makes them even more hungry than normal.

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  1. I bet they are starving after swimming. This does look like it will fill them up.

  2. I am so going to start doing more muffin tin breakfasts. I have been prepping some in the morning for lunch, but quick breakfast is a great idea.

    also, I am a zombie in the morning until I have had my coffee

  3. It really helps. (Even non-muffin tin breakfast, and I think your two are close in age to my two, so no reason they can't take and eat.)

  4. Shannon....stumbled upon your blog from somewhere (an organization blog, maybe) and have enjoyed looking at all your bentos.....I'm thinking I may be dabbling in them some with my 9 year old next year and Ilike how easy they look to put together.

    Looks like we are in the same area and your kids swim team with some of our friends. :) hoping they are loving it.


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