Muffin Tin Monday - Rainbow Fruit & Veggies Snack

We haven't had a muffin tin meal in awhile, but yesterday was a good day for a muffin tin snack. I did realize that I need to buy some new muffin tins. I suppose when you only pay $1 per tin, you do get what you pay for. They are a little beat up looking already, so I'm in the market for new ones.

Today was a rainbow themed fruit and veggie snack. We have red strawberries, orange cantaloupe, yellow applesauce, green cucumbers, blue blueberries, and since I had no brilliant idea for purple, we skipped over to brown for hummus (and extra carrots).

I do have a pineapple to slice, but I'm being a bit lazy right now.

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  1. How old are your kids, mine just turned 2 and he is extremely picky, is this a good ideal for him. He will eat fruit but no veggies and picky on his meat he eats.

  2. gorgeous colors! also. a tin that looks used is a tin that is loved. it's true.

  3. I'm 32 years old, full time university student in canada. I've been reading your blog in the past 2 days and I wanted to ask you a question: Do you want to adop me? :-D (big grin) Your kid's kunch are FABULOUS. I want to eat like that. I enjoy healthy food but I have been very sick in the past 20 months (with fibromyalgia and surrenal insufficiency) and it's difficult with chronic pain to take care of yourself while still going to school full time and I wish I could prepare lunch like those you prepare for myself.


  4. My teenage girls are both vegetarians (one is vegan. Your little lunches are a fun and appealing way for them to have some variety in their school lunches - which can get kind of boring with pbjs and apple sauce. Thanks for following me on Twitter. My blog is

  5. I love this idea! My step-daughter (10 years old) is coming to visit for a week next month and I think this would be a perfect way to serve her a snack! Thanks for the idea :)


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