Multiple Muffin Bento

F&B wanted a picnic today after swim team and since I wanted them outside, it seemed like a good idea. I decided on a fresh batch of corn dog muffins for them, since I had all the ingredients handy and maybe 1 whole batch will last for more than one meal. Maybe? (Swim team means they are hungry all the time! It also means they are tired at night. This is a good thing.)

So for his little picnic lunch, Ben had a corn dog muffin, a sweet potato muffin/cupcake with a bit of cream cheese icing, blackberries, and some leftover rice/chicken/peas that makes a pretty good cold salad.

And then they each came back in for muffin #2.

And then they had muffin #3.

And there are no blackberries left. Or any more of the rice/chicken thing.

God help me when they are teenagers.


  1. Corndog Muffin?! You just rocked my world. My daughter will love these! The whole lunch looks delicious!

  2. Added the link for the recipe (if you want to make homemade corn muffin batter, that is; if not, use Jif). :o)

  3. Am I missing the recipe for the corn dog muffins?? My daughter would totally love them!


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