The Kids Cook Monday - Deviled Eggs

We're still in Canada, enjoying the much more milder than Texas weather. This week, F&B took in their very first baseball game (Buffalo Bisons) and we had friends over for a barbecue. Faith made deviled eggs all by herself for The Kids Cook Monday!

Deviled eggs are a great easy recipe for kids, especially if you have the eggs already boiled. Faith mashed the insides, seasoned them, even scooped them back into the whites all on her own. (Side note: Baby teaspoons work well for this, although I use a melon baller at home.)

She even sprinkled the paprika and added the garnish, and was very impressed with herself to serve them.


  1. Hi Shannon! It's great to see Faith with her cooking :)

  2. I am impressed with Faith Deviled eggs too..:)

  3. I put the mashed yolk mixture in a ziplock type baggie, cut the tip and squeeze the mixture back in. Less messy and quicker. :)

  4. Oh and on another note:

    That's cool that your kids do so much. I worry that mine can't, but then realize that they probably could do certain things if I'd just relax and let them try.... even if it does mean a bigger mess and take longer.


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