Featured Friday

Welcome to Featured Friday! And welcome to all the new readers (my traffic has gone crazy this week, thanks to a few articles).

I had an awesome post for yesterday, but my camera ate the picture. So keep an eye out this week for chili-cornbread muffins, F&B loved them and they used out the leftovers, score!

Since we've been home all week, I've found so many posts I love, and trying to narrow it down to just a few has been hard, but I'll give it my best try.

The spam sushi from My Lunch is Cuter
make an awesome intro sushi for kids:
fish shapes, without the fish!

I discovered these printable lunch box jokes on Pinterest,
head over to Kristen Duke Photography to print your own!

This Minnie Mouse bento from Mothering Corner is amazing!!!

Pumpkin Rolls from The Girl Who Ate Everything
I must make this, I do love all things pumpkin!

As well, we got the chance to review the new Veggie Tales movie "The Princess and the Pop Star" and get to give away a copy too. Since it's not really food-related, I have it on my personal blog, in case you'd like to leave a comment and enter!

As always, all pictures belong to their blog owners, click on them or their attached links to see the full posts on the original sites. (If you would prefer your link not featured, please let me know and I will remove it.)


  1. I always look forward to your Friday features :D Gives me lots of new sites to read!


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