Hormel Eating on the Road

August's Hormel questions involved eating and snacking healthfully when you're on vacation and on the road. Now that's definitely the kind of questions I can answer!

We really like bringing bento lunches on the road, especially for longer trips. It's a given, due to time/distance and lack of refrigeration, that we'll end up eating out at some point, so if we can keep the first few meals to bentos we've brought along, it's not quite as bad when we finally do need to stop.

The kids and I just finished Ben's birthday road trip (DFW to MO to IL to MO to DFW over 11 days), so we took travel bentos on the way, along with stopping at a grocery store while there to get the important fruit, yogurt and sandwich fixings.

Over the years, I've shared some of our road trip ideas; the links take you back to the original posts from those meals.

Ben's birthday road trip bento:

One of Ben's travel bentos from our Christmas trip:

A summer road trip bento for Faith, on our way home from Canada on year:

We pack a cooler with waters and juices, along with plenty of ice to keep their food chilled. If we plan it right, we can take a breakfast and a lunch for the first day of traveling with us, along with snacks for the whole trip (snacks being non-perishable).

I'm kind of excited to try the Cranberry & Orange Chicken Wraps for another road trip. Or maybe at home because I don't have another road trip planned anytime soon.

What are your go-to road trip staples?

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  1. You drive to Canada? Wow! We are in Kansas so if you make a MO stop anywhere close to the border next time let me know. We would love to meet up for lunch or a snack.


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