The Kids Cook Monday - Potato Soup

We are on Ben's birthday road trip right now, so for The Kids Cook Monday, we are using one of our Canada cooking experience from our trip in July. F&B love to cook with Nana and they made potato soup while I was on a little trip of my own.

I had my mom send me the recipe, so presenting, Faith's & Nana's Potato Soup:

Decide what size kettle you are going to use then fill it maybe 1/2 full with water adding chicken bouillon to it.

Dice as many potatoes as you want (they don't have to be too small either). Bring to a boil then simmer till the potatoes are tender. (note: you CAN add some thinly sliced carrots if you want as well). At this point you can add a tsp of dried
chives to the soup.

In a small separate kettle, melt maybe two tblsp margarine and add a tblsp or two of flour to it until it blends. To that add your cream or milk and whisk till it thickens then add it to your already simmering soup.

Let it simmer and add more milk or cream if necessary then add the cheese, as much as you'd like, more cheese makes the soup thicker. Season to taste.

In a frypan, fry bacon till crisp. Right before serving, crumble bacon on your soup and add some freshly chopped chives(or dried if you prefer).