Breakfast for Lunch Bento

Well, almost a breakfast for lunch, assuming one's breakfast includes a pumpkin cupcake. (For the record, *my* breakfast often includes a cupcake. It goes good with my coffee.)

Either way, we bought mini-bagels the other day and F&B love mini bagels, so they were the base for lunch.

Faith has a mini bagel, toasted, and spread with whipped cream cheese and sliced strawberries. To go with it, she has a sliced boiled egg, blueberry yogurt with a dash of sprinkles, fresh cantaloupe, grapes to hold everything in place, the aforementioned pumpkin cupcake with a bit of cream cheese icing, and some tea party cutouts from organic blueberry fruit leather. Pretty, simple, and quite tasty!

I thought this was kind of pretty, so had to take a picture--bagel with fresh strawberries!


  1. Yummy! I'd like a pumpkin cupcake for my breakfast too please :D

  2. What a perfect breakfast/lunch. And I prefer to have a little sweet treat with my coffee too ;)

  3. Yum! I think there is definitely a place for cupcakes at breakfast time (just don't tell my four year old!) :)


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