Featured Friday

Welcome to a very late featured Friday on a Sunday night!

I know, it's two days late; things are a wee bit crazy around here. Our big news is finally official, we are moving to Colorado Springs very soon (as in we should be in CO by 9/25)! We'll be in temp housing until mid-October, then moving into our own place. I'll be doing my best bento-making from a kitchenette, but no promises. ;o)

As for this week, here are a few things I loved!

A fun "Apple of My Eye" Lunch from Bento-logy

Cider donuts from Lunches Fit for a Kid
(I am in awe of her bread making skills too!)

A royal lunch fit for a queen at Bent On Better Lunches

8 Great Lunch Foods from Organic Authority

And several of my bentos were featured on
Parent Map's 20 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids,
including my favorite pirate and Ben's infamous Peanuts!

As always, all pictures belong to their blog owners, click on them or their attached links to see the full posts on the original sites. (If you would prefer your link not featured, please let me know and I will remove it.)


  1. So sad... I just learned, completely by accident, about this whole Bento business. I think it is ADORABLE.

    I made the first cute Bento lunch today for my 4-year-old. He came home saying he ate his sandwich and threw everything else in the trash. He didn't like it because his food touched each other.

    Looks like it's back to baggies for us.

  2. Shannon, I can't tell you how thrilling it was to visit What's For Lunch At Our House this morning and see one of MY lunches! You totally made my day, thank you!

    Emily, you could try silicone muffin cups as dividers, so the foods don't touch. If you want to see if he'll go for it without investing too much, try the foil muffin cups first, they work too just aren't reusable.

  3. Thanks for featuring my little baked doughnuts! The Boy decided that I need to make them every day. That's not going to happen, but I'll make them again soon! Love the apple lunch especially. How adorable is that?
    -Astrid, Lunches Fit For a Kid

  4. *I* am in Colorado Springs. If you need someone to chat with locally -- give me a holler!

  5. Congrats on your featur! The apple lunch is such fun!


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