Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Day of Colorado School Bento

Yesterday was F&B's first day of school in Colorado! They both had amazing days, and Faith even found a new friend also named Faith! I'm fairly limited on bento supplies, and since we are in temporary housing, I don't quite have a real kitchen to work with. Even so, I made bentos for the kids to the best of my ability.

Faith had a turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain sandwich rounds, topped with a few little cheese hearts, carrots, some veggie straws and a couple of gingersnaps in the top tier of her box, and some cantaloupe and red plums in the bottom tier.

Apparently, they don't have a large amount of time for lunch, so both kids brought home half a sandwich and their treats. I'll need to work on the amounts.


  1. where in CO did you move to? I'm new to your blog and may have missed it! (I'm NE of the airport in Denver).

  2. New schools I think is the hardest part about moving around. So glad to hear they had wonderful first days and are already making friends!

  3. Jennifer, we're in Colorado Springs, at Fort Carson!

  4. We just moved from CS two years ago, to Idaho! loved that place. Love your bento ideas too. Enjoy the area, we were there 11 years.

  5. Another Colorado Springs mama saying Welcome! (We're near Peterson AFB)



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