Hormel September - National Childhood Obesity Month

September's Hormel topic is regarding portion sizing and how do ensure your kids are eating the proper amounts of food. After all, September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness month and it's something all parents should be aware of.

So what is an appropriate portion size? Well, it depends on the person eating, but as a rule, most people don't choose the correct portion sizes when they are just guessing. Here are some great ways to familiarize yourself with the ideal portion sizes:
  • 3oz chicken (average portion) = about the size of a deck of cards
  • 1 cup rice = about the size of a tennis ball
  • 1 medium piece of fruit = about the size of a baseball
  • 1 small baked potato = about the size of a computer mouse
  • 1 oz chocolate = about the size of a package of dental floss

Another great idea is to try using a digital food scale. These scales allow you to “zero out,” any bowls, plates, or measuring instruments so you are only getting the weight of the actual food items. Try using a food scale for a few weeks or until you feel like you can determine appropriate portions without its help. You will be surprised at how quickly you pick up on these nutritional tips!

And, as always, bentos are a great help for portion sizes. Boxes are sized for adults and children. A tightly packed, appropriately sized box (packed with nutritious food, of course) is typically a good measure of calories for that meal. Choose the right box, though, for an adult versus a child, if you try this method. Filling an adult box for a 6 year old might be entirely too much food for them!

Disclosure: I have received product and information from Hormel Foods in exchange for being a Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger. All opinions expressed within the post are my own.