Leftover Calzones Bento

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!

Yesterday was supposed to be the Kids Cook Monday, but it ended up being "Go out for yummy Thai food with friends" Monday. And we all really love Thai food!

I did make lunch for the kids, and took advantage of a little bit of leftover calzone filling from the other night. It's a bit of ground turkey, seasoned with garlic and Italian seasonings, a bit of garlic/herb cooking creme, some parmesan, a bit of red sauce, a few handfuls of cheese, really just bits & pieces of what was in my fridge, but so yummy!

For lunch, I stuffed mini pitas with the aforementioned filling, which kind of gave a calzone effect. (I used to make biscuit calzones frequently, if you look back to 2007 and 2008 posts; I really should do that again!) To go with the calzones, the kids had pretzels, strawberries and carrots with dip. Today's project is to go buy fruit, we are out again. I swear, we go through scary amounts of fruit around here!


  1. Just wondering where you got that little yellow container, and does it leak? I need something like that for my kid's lunches.

  2. It works great for hummus, less so for liquid-type dressings like ranch. I also tend to rearrange it a little after the picture, laying it flat and stacking the carrots around it to hold it in place. :)

  3. Mini pitas? Did you make them yourself or did you buy them somewhere?

  4. Lovely. I must find mini pitas now!


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