Sunday, September 25, 2011

Live from Colorado!

We made it, safe and sound!!!

We're in temporary housing for a few weeks until the house we are taking is ready. In the meantime, you all have the pleasure of looking forward to a series of posts on how we are going to manage to cook and eat while living in temporary housing without a real kitchen, LOL!

We have two mini fridge/freezer combos and a microwave. I brought my rice cooker, crock pot, electric skillet and toaster oven. Tonight we hit the grocery store to get a few necessities, then tomorrow begins the "how the heck do I cook dinner without an oven or cooktop?" craziness! Bentos too, of course, but those require less oven usage, except the desserts.

And the picture above? Well, that's the view outside our soon-to-be front yard! I am so excited about this!!! Be posting as soon as I can!!!


  1. That's looks so cool.. nice change!

  2. Wow!! Welcome home. Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Not sure where you landed there but my brother has been at Ft. Carson for nearing 2 years now (aside from his year in Iraq) and he and his family love it there! I'd love to see those mountains in person myself some day. Congrats and I hope the weeks leading up to your permanent home are fun and not too frazzled!

  4. Yeah! Another colorado Springs mommy. Welcome to our beautiful city.!

  5. Awesome view! So glad to hear you all made it safely, have fun in temp's all part of the adventure that is now your military

  6. Welcome to Colorado! I grew up in the Springs, but now live in Denver - I hope you love it here - you're one of my fave lunch blogs! Glad to have you here!



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