Make Your Own Pocket Sandwiches Bento

F&B love the concept of pocket sandwiches or uncrustables, but neither of them will eat peanut butter. That pretty much limits all commercially available ones. On top of that, we all really like multi-grain breads, also not a part of the traditional pocket sandwich.

Last year, in preparation for the Komen 3-Day, one of my friends hosted a Pampered Chef party and we got one of their sandwich makers. For awhile, pocket sandwiches were in abundance at our house. And then we forgot about it. Until today.

Faith has a cream cheese and strawberry jelly uncrustable sandwich made with honey 7-grain bread. Isn't it cute??? The flower on top is made from an organic fruit leather both kids like. To the right, we have carrots sticks; to the bottom, some pretzel grids and some grapes; and I really need to buy some more fruit!


  1. Great idea! I wonder if you could use one of those gyoza press things for the same purpose?

  2. I would think so. I microwave the bread a little bit too, since we keep it in the fridge. 10 seconds per side and it's nice and pliable.

  3. Adorable! Much better than the stuff from the store :D And yes you can use the gyoza press to make sandwiches, that's one of my sons favorite ways!


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