Another Halloween Bento Lunch

This one's simpler, because I wanted to use some leftovers out. We made tacos the other night and I had maybe enough meat left over for about a taco and a half. Not enough to make stuffed muffins or something like that and not really enough for Shaun to eat, but we did have a some pita breads left to make taco pitas for the kids!

Ben has a taco pita, cut in half, with meat and cheese inside. I really love the half pitas for the kids, they are so much less messy than the wraps! To go with that, he has some carrots with ranch dip, a kiwi (he's still on his kiwi kick), some honeydew, and two of yesterday's oatmeal butterscotch cookies. To make it Halloween-y, he has a pumpkin and bat cut from blueberry fruit leather.

It's packed in Easy Lunchboxes, also available on Amazon.

ETA: I put Halloween jokes in F&B's lunches today, I need more of these!

Faith's: How do witches do their hair? With scare-spray!

Ben's: What's a ghost's favorite fruit? Boo-berries.


  1. Great idea with the pita! I never think to use those in my sons' lunches. And I agree, wraps are somehow extremely messy (for my boys anyway!)...thanks :)


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