Featured Friday!

I know, in the process of moving, I've let Featured Friday fall to the wayside.

But we are almost moved in now, and sort of, kind of, semi-unpacked. (Well, if you don't go in the basement, my house looks pretty good. But stay out of the basement.) At some point, I'll take y'all on a little tour of our on-base housing. The kitchen is bigger than I expected and we got a darling little corner booth breakfast table which helps open up that part of the room. I did lose my bento cabinet, but confiscated a whole set of drawers for bento drawers, so I'm OK.

Anyhow, since Halloween is Monday, I wanted one more Halloween themed Featured Friday with some fun bentos from some of my awesome bento bloggers.

Cool dual pumpkins from Edible Articles

Absolutely darling ghosts from Ameriasian Bento

Ben had an eyeball obsession a few years ago--
Eyeballs=completely hilarious

Amazing Jack Skellington from Bento Monsters

This is not a bento. But these are too awesome not to add!
Pretzel and marshmallow skeletons!!! (From Wants & Wishes Daily Inspiration)

As always, all pictures belong to their blog owners, click on them or their attached links to see the full posts on the original sites. (If you would prefer your link not featured, please let me know and I will remove it.)


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