Fish Sandwich Bento

Heading into our second full weekend in temporary housing (2 down, 1 to go!), I'm low on lunch foods. However, I'm also low on space, so with a 4 day weekend ahead of us, we're using the last bits of food I have.

I saw the Goldfish bread at the commissary the other day at a good price, and F&B wanted to try it out. It's a great bento addition without a whole lot of extra effort on my part!

Faith has a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on the honey-wheat Goldfish bread, some carrot sticks, a couple of gingersnaps, and the last yellow plum. I need to get a few other groceries, beginning to feel like most of our meals look the same right now!


  1. Even when you're running low on food, you still manage to give the kids a great lunch :) If I'm running low on food I eat toast three meals a day, so I'm impressed!


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