Last Halloween Bento - Monster Mash!

Squeezing in one last Halloween bento today, since I really wanted monster faces! Had to go light on the food, since both kids have class parties this afternoon, then we're having friends over for chili, trick or treating, and candy eating!

Ben has a monster face sandwich, half turkey, half ham, on multigrain rounds, with teeth cut from a slice of provolone. Eyes are boiled egg slices with carrots for the pupils. To the right, he has grapes, cantaloupe, and a little blueberry pastry thingie.

For Faith, I tried the other monster face option and cut the bread as the teeth (side note, Ben's was much easier!). Hers is cream cheese and jelly, but the rest of the bento is the same.

It's packed in Easy Lunchboxes, also available on Amazon.

Hope you all have a boo-tiful Halloween!!!


  1. Love the teeth! I'll have to try that one. I made jack o lantern sandwiches for the girls today and carving the faces was surprisingly hard. Hm, need to work on bread-cutting skills.

  2. I love the monster faces! Especially how you did the eyes!

  3. Es fantástico!! te quedó realmente fantástico!


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