More New House Bento

Good news! I've found most of my bento supplies, my camera and my card reader. Of course, the silverware is still missing and I feel less optimistic about finding it daily.

Still trying to figure out where/how to take the pictures in this house. The lighting isn't great in the early mornings, so you'll have to excuse the shadows till I find out the ideal location. ;o) This one was taken around 7am and seems a little darker than I'd like it to be.

That said, we bought fresh naan yesterday, so Ben had a few pieces of naan, some chunks of sharp cheddar cheese, and a bit of deli turkey and ham. He had the rest of the honeydew, a few butter pretzels, and a mini chocolate-zucchini muffin. Faith had a class party today and that was what she chose to bring and share with her classmates, so I saved a few for lunches too.


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