A Mummy-licious Bento

F&B had Monday off this week, and I just found out they have Friday off too. I thought I signed up for them to go 5 days a week?!?!? If we weren't still stuck in a hotel, this might not be bad, but it's too little space for four people right now.

I am desperately craving the ability to bake and decorate for Halloween right now, so I had to attempt a kind of Halloween bento. The mummy meatloaf from Featured Friday gave me the idea and the pack of havarti in the fridge made for perfect bandages.

Faith has a mummy sandwich--turkey with herbed cream cheese on some kind of whole grain bread, topped with a mummy (strips of havarti bandages and sugar eyes). To go with that, she has grapes, carrots, half a red plum, and a few blueberry crisps. Since I can't bake, I had to buy treats. These ones are kind of a rice crisp from Quaker, we bought blueberry and apple cinnamon.


  1. I was gonna make a mummy sandwich for my little one today, but I decided to hold off until tomorrow. I also use the same candy eyes! Very cute, especially for being in a hotel.

  2. I saw that mummy meatloaf on facebook and wanted to do something lunchy like it too - your havarti one came out great, love it!

  3. So awesome! I will have to try this for C :)

  4. Ha.... That's a funny bento. I love it that your mummy has a smile on his face ;D


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