Two for the Price of One! Halloween Bento Lunches

Why two for the price of one? Well, I have a few lunches in backlog, in case of emergencies and realized a few are kind of Halloweenie, so today, you get yesterday's and today's lunches!

Now yesterday, we had our very first snow in Colorado Springs. It was cold (and very cold, considering we moved here from 90-degree weather in Texas less than a month ago). And F&B were very cold, so I scrapped my original lunch plan and heated up soup for them.

They both had a thermos of chicken/corn chowder, which I was pleased to here was still piping hot at lunchtime (Thermos brand thermoses, filled with boiling water while I heated the soup to boiling also). In the box, they had cantaloupe, naan and some cheddar cheese, cut like a bat for festiveness. ;o)

Now last night was also cold, so I opted to bake to have a reason to put the oven on and warm up the kitchen! I made corn dog muffins (a kid favorite) and ended up with 18 of them, so I can start rebuilding a freezer stash.

They each had a corn dog muffin, blueberry crisps, honeydew and cantaloupe, once again accented with a bat cutout. I messed up and cut most of the cantaloupe before I remembered I wanted to shape some of it, so had to use the bats by default, since they are narrower than the other Halloween cutters I have!

Now I feel the need to run to the store and figure out something more festive for one more Halloween lunch!


  1. Please enter one of these in this week's Halloween themed Bento of the Week meme at Bento Blog Network.

  2. Funny, I had just been thinking that I'd like to send soup for one of my daughter's lunches,but wasn't sure how to keep it warm. She's in first grade so packing lunches is new to me and for some reason, I didn't even think of a thermos!! I'm glad to hear that it worked and that the food stayed warm. Will definitely have to give it a try.


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