5 Simple Sandwich Spins, Bento #2 - Pocket Sandwiches

F&B have always been thoroughly intrigued by the concept of Uncrustables, except for one small problem. They both dislike peanut butter, which is the hallmark of the Uncrustable empire.

Almost 2 years ago, a good friend of mine was doing the Komen 3Day and one of her fundraisers was a Pampered Chef event. There, I discovered a little treasure called the Cut-N-Seal, which allows you to make your own Uncrustables at home, with your choice of bread and fillings! Perfect for a sandwich switch up around here!

Faith has an egg salad Uncrustable on 12 grain bread. The cutter even leaves the cute little crimped edges, but the filling is much more palatable to my kids. Side dishes include apple cinnamon crisps, strawberries, and carrots with ranch, again. It was supposed to be cucumber, but I apparently don't have a cucumber in the fridge. Today, it's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).

There are other options for pocket sandwiches too. Wonder Bread makes one option (though I don't have it), the Krustbuster is another (Biting the Hand That Feeds You has a great looking KB lunch here so you can see how it seals). Muffin Tin Mom also has a great post on how to make pocket sandwiches with just a round cutter and fork.

As for the extra pieces? I have a ziploc bag in my freezer for all the leftover bits of bread, end pieces, leftover garlic bread, etc. Once there's enough, I dry it in the oven and make bread crumbs. No waste!

Come back again tomorrow for sandwich spin #3!


  1. My 7 year old is over my shouldler right now asking for this for lunch tomorrow. I love th idea of freezing the leftover bread to use it later for bread crumbs. I have wanted to try my hand at these uncrustables for awhile, but I didnt know what to do with the leftover bread.

  2. The egg salad uncrustable is adorable!! I keep dragging my heels about buying one of those samdwich makers but I really must get one!

  3. I remember my mom had one of those from pampered chef when I was a kid!


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