5 Simple Sandwich Spins, Bento #3 - Kebab Sandwiches

I've often said on here that F&B are convinced that food on a stick tastes much better than food not on a stick. The same is true with sandwiches--sandwiches on sticks taste better than sandwiches that are not.

In keeping with the sandwich theme, it was imperative to use the same bread to get the full sandwich effect. Cubes of cheese and rolls of sandwich meat have all the elements of a sandwich without being an actual sandwich. (This also works with crackers, but for the purposes of this series, it's sandwich or nothing.)

Today, Ben has sandwich kebabs with ham, turkey, cheese and bread. The picks are actually drink stirrers from the Dollar Tree last summer, keep an open eye shopping and you'll be surprised what works well to skewer food. Side dishes include kiwi, honeydew, and a piece of garden fresh zucchini bars I made last night, mostly to warm up the kitchen!

Day 3 of sandwich spins done, 2 more to go! See you tomorrow!


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