5 Simple Sandwich Spins Bento #5 - Slider/Stacker Sandwiches

Last day of sandwich spins today and we went with another F&B favorite--sliders/stackers!

For these, I typically will roll the bread flat and cut multiple smaller circles out to build stacked sandwiches (crusts go in the freezer of course). These just *have* to be 3 layer sandwiches, because there is something fun about three layer sandwiches. We did a semi-club sandwich with two kind of cheese, turkey, ham, and a bit of mayo.

You may have to zoom in on the picture to see it better, I had to turn the sandwiches on their sides to fit into the box better. Ben has two mini sliders, skewered on a pick so they'd stay together. Side dishes include carrots, honeydew and zucchini bars; the box is a Monokuro Boo box that is neutral enough that Ben can use it too.

Hope you all enjoyed the series! F&B are off school next week, but we may do some fun lunches for Thanksgiving while we have the time!