A Fall Bento for Ben and a Little Favor from You!

It's getting quite a bit cooler in Colorado, but with the time change it was entirely too bright at 6:30 am when the cannon boomed and woke me out of a sound sleep. But alas, had to get up, get the kids up, and get lunches going.

Ben opted for a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on multigrain bread, with a cute cheese leaf topper (I am missing a few cutters still, boxes aplenty in the basement), some carrot sticks, some honeydew chunks, and two homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. What can I say? I like cookies.

And now for the favor--This is our friend Kate!

Kate's mommy is a good friend of mine and made Miss Kate's awesome Halloween costume. It's entered in a contest on Facebook and we would love if you'd take a minute to click on Kate's picture or this link and "like" her photo on the Facebook page.


  1. ohmygosh! I love the costume!!! Totally liked it!

  2. Thank you for posting, Shannon! And thanks for the vote, Lindsi. :)

    I haven't had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies since I was in college and would do an all night bake-a-thon with my cousin for her annual Halloween party. What's your recipe?


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