Feeding the Husband Bento

One of the nice parts of living on base is that Shaun can come home for lunch. He's mostly been finishing off leftovers, having soup and sandwiches, but I don't have to think about it till lunchtime.

However, for the next couple of weeks, he has some kind of training where he won't be able to make it home. Since he doesn't want to eat fast food, this means bringing a lunch. On top of that, the place he is at doesn't seem to have a fridge or microwave, so it's cold lunches to go. (We did buy him a thermos, so I've been boiling soups in the morning so they are still hot at lunch time. Apparently it works well, he couldn't sip his soup till mid-afternoon because it was so hot.)

So this week, he's using our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon). In this one, he has a sandwich with Orowheat 12 grain bread, mayo, lettuce, pepperoni, ham, turkey, turkey pastrami, cheddar and provolone. Upper right is a boiled egg for extra protein, lower right is cantaloupe. He toted along a thermos of homemade chicken soup too.

And because he is awesome and tends to humor me, doesn't the green bag go nicely with his camo? Even in uniform, it's important to coordinate. ;o)


  1. Very cute! I love your grownup lunches too (even if they aren't as adorable as the kids') since it gives me ideas of how to make stuff my own husband will eat happily. He thinks my bento fixation is cute, and will eat the deviled eggs shaped like chickies, but he drew the line at heart-shaped cheese cut outs. And I don't even have kids to pawn those off on! :-)


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