A Fishie Bento for Ben!

Faith had a field trip today, so only Ben needed a lunch today. Well, let's rephrase that, only Ben needed a bento; Faith needed a disposable lunch, which did not thrill me.

Since it was just the boy, I decided to keep it simple and fill his lunch box with his favorites.

He has a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on goldfish bread, complete with a sugar eye, two homemade chocolate chip cookies, some carrots, a boiled egg and cantaloupe. (Faith had similar, but no egg and wanted an apple instead of cantaloupe chunks.) Ben's is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon), whereas Faith had baggies. :oP


  1. I got them at the commissary, but I've seen them in Kroger, and think I read that Walmart carries them too.

  2. Oh man, you found the fishie bread I have been looking everywhere for!!! Apparently none of our local grocery stores carry it. I'm going to try Walmart after reading your above comment.

  3. I'll look at Safeway the next time I'm there as well, I don't go frequently, but they may carry it. I miss the bread we used to buy in Dallas; they don't seem to carry any Nature's Own products here. :(

  4. They don't have the fishie bread at Walmart in Oklahoma City :-( at least not the Walmart where I shop.


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