A Simple Lunch Bento with a story

Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving break! We had a fun first Thanksgiving in CO, complete with a bacon wrapped turkey, the kids' favorite side dishes, and lots of Black Friday shopping.

I had good intentions last night of making some sort of fancier bento for the kids, since we've been doing simple ones lately. But, while cleaning up from dinner, I heard a bang. Now, living on post, there are cannons and all sorts of things that go bang, but this bang came from my fridge. I assumed the fridge was dying and was wondering what i was going to do with 3/4 of a bacon wrapped turkey (yeah, kind of overshot the turkey purchase). Either way, I opened the fridge, which is just fine, to discover that a can of biscuits exploded. So I did what anyone would do with a can of biscuits that had popper, we made pizza biscuits!

So Faith has a pizza biscuit with a cheddar snowflake on top, cantaloupe, carrots, and a piece of lemon bar. (Side note, the lemon bar is really more of a lemon spongecake, I was slightly disappointed in how it turned out. Now, if you were wanting a lemon spongecake, it's yummy, just not really a lemon *bar*.)

So, boring bento today, but at least I didn't waste the biscuits!


  1. The lemon cake does sound yummy! We are having pizza biscuits too - although, that's been the plan for days, not due to any explosions :)

  2. At least no one was harmed in the making of this bento! LOL!

  3. Looks tasty to me! I didn't know those cans could just pop on their own! I usually have to bang them over and over on the counter lol.

  4. I saw your turkey on FB, it looked AMAZING!!! Sounds like your first CO Thanksgiving was nice. I have been making very simple bentos too, hence the lack of posts lately..lol


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