Some Simple Sandwich Bento

Still trying to solve the lighting issues in the kitchen for photography, but wanted to at least share a few simple sandwich bentos. Mr. Ben is home sick today (and yesterday), so had to keep it really really simple. Then again, sometimes simple just works!

This bento features a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on multigrain rounds (penguin pick for a teeny touch of cuteness), strawberries, carrots, and a bit of homemade brownie.

This one's actually similar, except the sandwich is a tuna salad pocket with the same side dishes. Come to think of it, this may have been Ben's on Tuesday.

Nothing dramatically exciting, but we're heading into a 3 day weekend, so I will get some new lunch fixings before Monday.


  1. I didn't know these cute things existed! What a great way to make lunch more interesting! But what do you do with the little pieces of bread, cheese, sandwich meat, etc leftover from cutting out shapes? And where do you get tiny containers?

  2. The simplicity is great yet interesting. My dad used to make little sandwiches for us when we were little cut into triangles.


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