A Santa Bento for Ben

Ben doesn't typically request anything specific for his bento, the occasional item, but not really a theme. However, the other day, he told me that he really wanted a Santa bento, so I had to fill the request for my little guy.

Santa started out with a roast beef sandwich on multigrain rounds to provide the base. No cheese in the sandwich because I needed to use quite a bit to construct Santa. His beard is swiss, cut out with kitchen sheers, as is the trim on his hat and the pompom ball. The hat itself is cheddar because I had no idea what could be red other than fruit leather (which I don't have). His nose is a bit of pepperoni and some cucumber peel makes the rest of his eyes. To go with that, Ben has blackberries (on sale this week, 10 for $10, so we bought 6) and some pretzel and holiday M&M trail mix.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon), in order to get Santa to keep his shape. Shaun dropped the kids off at school today and said Santa would be lucky to make lunch the way Ben was swinging his bag around. Oops. ;o)


  1. So cute. You have to love how they swing them around.

  2. I've been finding all sorts of inspiration for Christmas themed lunches today! I really like your Santa... as opposed to some of the others that I've seen, I think I could actually attempt this one!

  3. I love how your santa looks, especially his eyes which look very jolly!

  4. Very cute! I've always meant to ask you how well your creations actually "make it" in the real world. (ie - do they really look as good once the kids actually eat them as they did when you took the photo). Do most of them get pretty messed up in transit?


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