Snowman Bento for Ben

Today, the weather in Colorado Springs was calling for snow, so I opted for a bento in that theme. However, while it is cold outside, it's quite sunny and clear today, so gathering that the weatherman was just a little bit wrong! On the plus side, Ben liked the snowmen decorations this morning.

Ben has a turkey & ham sandwich two kinds of cheese (cheddar & provolone) on sandwich thins, topped with a little sugar snowman. To go with that, he has carrots, cantaloupe, and some pretzels, accented with an extra snowman pick. It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon), so the sandwich could lay flat.


  1. Sandwich thins... are they like pita bread?

  2. Pretty much, they are usually whole grain, just really thin bread. F&B aren't big bread eaters. Orowheat makes them, Nature's Own, I think Sara Lee does too.


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