Muffin Mix-Ups Bento #2 - Use Veggies!

So what else can you do with muffins? How about something with veggies for an extra serving or partial serving?

I find veggies the hardest part to add to lunches at times, we seem to get in a cucumber and carrot rut quite frequently, and some of F&B's favorite veggie options are only good served warm.

One great veggie option is to add to the stuffed muffins we had on Monday. Diced chicken or turkey goes great with a typical frozen mixed vegetable blend. Also, zucchini and carrots make for some great desserts.

Today, however, we opted for great side veggie dish, zucchini parmesan mini muffins. These are perfect for bento and great warm or cold, plus we love our zucchini goodies. We used them in lieu of bread or crackers along with some meats & cheese for a snack-style lunch.

Ben had two of the zucchini parmesan muffins, a ham flower (two slices of ham to get it fluffier), some smoked cheddar cubes, blueberries, carrots, and some granola bar. I still hate the way blueberries photograph, they always look almost dusty, even though I know I washed them right before putting them in the fridge.

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