Muffin Mix-Ups Bento #1 - Stuffed Muffins (Entrees)

I really liked doing the 5 Simple Sandwich Spins back in November, so decided it was time for another series. This time, we're going with muffins, or muffin themed, items.

One of our favorites, from way way back, are stuffed muffins. Basically, these are corn muffins, with added cheese, meats or veggies, then baked. Very easy, and a typical batch makes at least 12, so you can freeze the extras. There are two basic options--make corn muffin mix (my recipe is here) or use a boxed mix like Jif. Make the corn muffin batter, then add several cups of extras to it. You want to see lots of the extras in the batter, not mostly corn muffin batter. Bake per your recipe or package directions.

Today, the kids had ham and cheese muffins (a packet of diced ham and several handfuls of shredded cheese), along with carrots & hummus, strawberries, and creme brûlée crisps.

Two other favorite stuffed muffins:

F&B also like corn dog muffins--dice up hot dogs, add those and shredded cheese to the cornbread batter.


  1. Oh we LOVE corn dog muffins around here! In fact, I just bought two boxes of mix just for that purpose ... but now I think one of them might end up being used with ham & cheese :)

  2. Shannon, I have ENJOYED your sandwich spins and looking forward for your muffins.:)

  3. Hi. These both look so good. But the link is the same for both?

  4. This reminds me of when I was in college (which seems SO long ago; how am I STILL in school now!?) and baked and froze a bunch of pizza muffins and ham and cheese mufffins for my lunches. I wish I knew what I did with the recipes. The pizza muffins were my favorite--a basic savory muffin with pepperoni and cheeses, maybe a bit of onion? Maybe it's time to revisit that when I go back to having a real kitchen again.


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