Lunchable-style Bento

Like most kids, F&B love the concept of a Lunchable. It's like a pseudo-bento, but missing a lot of their favorites, and not really enough food for either of them

Now, as the person who cooks around here, I don't quite get the allure of assembling your own lunch. I assemble lunches of some sort 7 days/week. It's really not all that fun. However, they think it's awesome, so lunchable-style bentos it is.

For the meats, we have turkey and ham flowers (skewer with a bit of uncooked spaghetti instead of a toothpick) and for cheese, some chunks of mozzarella. There are some crackers and carrots, lots of honeydew, and a bit of brownie that I made the other day.

And apparently, one of Faith's friends wants her lunches because they are cute. Cute is important to the 9 year old girl set.


  1. LOve the ideas u post . Hey where did you get the container ?

  2. Mini DIY sandwiches (or crackerwiches) are Lunchables? Well it's a great idea! I want to make them now :)

  3. It's a Lock & Lock container, I got it years ago at Target, but haven't seen them in awhile. I think you can buy them online still.

    I know, Sheri, F&B don't actually like the cheese and meat in the lunchables, but they love the concept. This is cheaper and I used the foods they like. ;o)

  4. You can get the Lock & Lock on Amazon, and I think at as well.

    And cute is TOTALLY important! I love watching my child snarl and clutch her lunch close at preschool field trips and Summer camp, while the other little kids ooh and aah over her food and try to touch it! :)


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