Muffin Mix Ups Bento #4 - Fruits & Sweets

I discovered something last week while working on these posts. Unlike the sandwich spins, which had me making a different type of sandwich each day, muffins yield a lot more food. And we're drowning in muffins. The slight break in the series was to catch up on eating all of the muffins I made last week before I delved into another batch.

This is also why day #4 is fruits and sweets. I have plenty of savory muffins, both entrees and side dishes and we needed a change. I love mini muffins as bento desserts. They are cute, with just the right amount of sweet in them, and there are tons of options for adding fruits. My favorite recipe is my mom's, that I link here often. It makes a great base muffin and you can just add your choice of fillers to it. This week, we did straight blueberry ones.

We also, obviously, took a break from the entrees muffins, I had two leftover mesquite BBQ pork sliders from the other night that we made, so each kid had one of those, carrots, grapes, and two mini blueberry muffins.

Make your own mini-muffins - The above base recipe and let your kids pick the fillers. Mine loved doing it!


  1. Mmmm, drowning in muffins... sounds good to me!

  2. My girls could eat nothing but muffins. We did some recipe testing a few weeks back and they could not get enough.


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