Pizza Pita Pockets Bento

Kind of in a goofy mood this morning, so I made F&B pizza pockets. Since frozen pizza pockets don't taste great unless they are cooked fresh, and they get soggy if left sitting, we make our own, using pita breads with sauce, cheese and pepperonis inside.

And of course, in case someone didn't realize what these were, I labeled them!

Each kid has an appropriately labeled pizza pocket, along with carrots, honeydew and blueberry-pomegranate crisps. It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon), since the pita pockets need to lay flat.


  1. hi shannon,

    i recently found your blog and we live in the same city! anyway, i love your ideas for bento lunches, they look so pretty and i bet they taste even better. however, how do you keep the bento/lunch container flat so contents won't shaffle around? you know, kids are not always the most careful (specially my two 6 years old) LOL! The lunch boxes are usually lay upright, not flat. Thank you!


  2. Really cute! Do they warm them up at school?

    @ Lilly...that is why I like Easy LunchBoxes. They sit flat in their own cooler bag!

  3. Yum!! Pizza pita is a great idea :D

  4. Love the labels! It gave it an additional punch to the bento :)


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