Today's No-Stove Bento

Well, I *thought* today would be day 2 of the Muffin Mix-Up series, but last night was "The cable company cut the gas line and we had no gas in the house until 5am which meant I had no oven and couldn't bake anything" night.

So the series will continue tomorrow as I'm baking today, and thinking about making a few things since I apparently don't plan well.

Yellow box on yellow/red background = yellowish photo

Today, however, we went with food that was already ready as the house was flipping COLD this morning, so getting out of bed was a chore. Both kids took one of yesterday's stuffed muffins, along with some granola bar and carrots. Ben also had blueberries, but Faith is not a fan of raw blueberries so opted for cucumber slices instead.

I took them to school then came home and Shaun & I discovered we didn't have to light a pilot light to turn our heat back on. Apparently, it has an auto ignition. Good things to know in advance of losing the gas.


  1. What is the muffin stuffed with?

  2. Oh no... hope things get back to normal soon. It's no fun having no gas!
    Nice way to make a bento with what's already on hand.

  3. Its a great bento even without the all the gas. ^^ I hope things return to their normal state for you guys soon, though!


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