End of the Week Bento

We got back from skiing last night, so today's lunches were a little creative. And I don't mean normal-creative for me, I mean, scrounging through the pantry and fridge to come up with something that bore a slight resemblance to lunch. In the end, I had soup to heat up in the freezer, so they each had a thermos of beef & veggie soup, yogurt, and string cheese. Not bad, and we hit the grocery today!

I did have another bento on my camera, so you're getting that one instead. That one looks like a bento.

This was Ben's from Friday and includes a ham and cheese stuffed muffin, sliced hard-boiled egg, carrots, blueberries, and a few pretzels. Friday was our "finish out the fridge" day, in case you were wondering.


  1. Maybe not bento, but sounds like a good lunch to me, it was gloomy and wet here, totally a soup day!

    Do you have an egg slicer? That looks so precise...

  2. Slicer all the way. It is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

  3. The muffin sounds awesome! I love ham and cheese.


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