Quick Like a Bunny Bento

Mornings happen way too early around here. F&B have to be at school for 7:30am (really) and if I don't have their lunches ready the night before, it is a mad dash in the mornings. Hence the much simpler bentos as of late.

This bunny bento manages to proof you can have a wee bit of cute without a whole lot of time.

Faith has a ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds topped with a quick little bunny cutout. His eye was cut from a bit of cucumber peel. On top, there are caramel crisps; to the right carrots with ranch and sliced strawberries. It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


  1. Wow they have to be in school early! Kidlet doesn't start until 9:20am. I will be glad when he is in middle school next year and starts earlier because the kid is a morning person and I am not :P

  2. That is really early! C doesn't even get on the bus until 0800 and school starts at 0900. Super cute bunny though :)

  3. And a cute little bunny it is :) Love those caramel crisps. I haven't given them to the girls yet. I bet they would really like them!


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